N9917A FieldFox Handheld Microwave Analyzer

The Keysight N9917A FieldFox Microwave and RF Analyzer is a combination spectrum, vector network and cable and antenna analyzer with a frequency range of 30 kHz to 18 GHz. As a cable and antenna analyzer, the Keysight N9917A performs DTF and TDR tests in a single sweep. For vector network analysis, dynamic range can be measured up to 100 dB, and as a spectrum analyzer this unit possesses an absolute amplitude accuracy of ± 0.5 dB. PowerSuite measurement technology enables swift and accurate characterization of channelized communication systems at the press of a button and InstAlign capability allows technicians to make accurate power measurements instantly, even in the field when temperature fluctuates. Rent the Keysight N9917A FieldFox Microwave and RF Analyzer to conduct anything from routine maintenance to in-depth troubleshooting, its optional capabilities including as a power meter, an independent signal generator, vector voltmeter interference analyzer and variable DC source.


• 18 GHz max frequency
• Carry the world’s most integrated handheld analyzer: standard model includes cable and antenna analyzer
• Expand capabilities with optional VNA, spectrum analyzer, built-in power meter, vector voltmeter, and more
• Save time by measuring DTF and TDR in the same sweep
• Simultaneously measure all four S-parameters
• Make accurate spectrum analyzer measurements (± 0.5 dB) without needing warm-up
• Calibrate simply with QuickCal
• Lightest all-in-one analyzer at only 6.6 lb. (3.0 kg)
• RF source: 30 kHz to 18 GHz, CW, CW coupled, and tracking
• VVM: 30 kHz to 14 GHz, compare phase and electrical length
• Power measurements with USB sensor: 9 kHz to 24 GHz (sensor dependent)
• Built-in power meter: 5 kHz to 18 GHz