DSOX2024A Oscilloscopes

The InfiniiVision 2000 X-Series features Keysight’s patented MegaZoom IV smart memory technology that is always enabled and always responsive providing the industry’s fastest update rate at up to 200,000 waveforms per second, with no compromise if you turn on measurements or add digital channels. In addition, the 2000 X-Series offers 23 automated measurements such as voltage, time, and frequency as well as 14 waveform math functions including add, subtract, multiply, divide, and FFT.


• Number of Channels: 4
• Bandwidth: 200MHz
• Display Type: Color
• Minimum Vertical Sensitivity: 1mV/div
• Maximum Vertical Sensitivity: 5V/div
• Minimum Time Base: 2ns/div
• Maximum Time Base: 50s/div
• Screen Size: 8.5in
• Sample Rate Random: 2 Gsps
• Vertical Resolution: 8 bit
• Width: 141.5mm
• Safety Category Voltage: 300V
• Weight: 3.9kg
• Maximum Operating Temperature: +55°C