S412E Land Mobile Radio Modulation Analyzer

The LMR Master S412E is Anritsu’s second-generation solution for installing and maintaining public safety systems. Built on Anritsu’s ninth-generation handheld platform, this solution combines a high-performance receiver/spectrum analyzer with the world’s most advanced handheld vector network analyzer (VNA). It also includes a CW/P25 (Phase 1 & Phase 2), DMR (MotoTRBO™), TETRA, NXDN™, and PTC signal generator with internally adjustable power from 0 dBm to –130 dBm.

This instrument is ideal for land mobile radio (LMR) and professional mobile radio (PMR) technicians and engineers engaged in field testing the RF performance of NBFM, P25, P25 Phase 2 (TDMA), DMR (MotoTRBO), TETRA, NXDN, dPMR, and LTE for commercial, public safety, maritime, and critical infrastructure radio systems. It also offers support for USA Class 1 railway Positive Train Control systems. For railway operators that use GSM-R systems, the LMR Master can be configured with GSM/GPRS/EDGE measurements.

The base model comes equipped with a VNA and spectrum analyzer, plus support for analysis and testing of narrowband FM radio systems including coverage mapping of RSSI, transmitter SINAD, and transmitter THD. Optional support for digital land mobile radio standards including P25 (TIA-102.CAAA-C), P25 Phase 2 (TIA-102.CCAA), ETSI DMR Tier 2 (MotoTRBO), ETSI TETRA, NXDN, dPMR, and PTC is available. An optional GPS receiver enables support for coverage mapping (touchscreen-tagged when indoor, GPS-tagged outdoor) of analog and digital land mobile radio systems. It also offers options for over-the-air analysis of FDD-LTE for broadband public safety systems and analysis of WiMAX (Fixed IEEE 802.16d and Mobile IEEE 802.16e) for intersite backhaul systems. The instrument may also be equipped with a spectrogram recorder, interference analyzer with support for the Handheld InterferenceHunter™ MA2700A, programmable channel scanner, external high-accuracy RF power meter (including both terminating and inline sensors), distance domain for cable analysis, and a vector voltmeter.

The high-performance 500 kHz to 1600 MHz VNA can be used to sweep cables and antenna systems. To power tower-mounted amplifiers, an internal bias tee is optionally available. Frequency domain reflectometry (FDR) distance-to-fault measurements are used to characterize antenna systems. The distance-to-fault measurements can easily spot poor connections, contamination, damaged cables, and water penetration. Both the VNA and spectrum analyzer can be optionally extended to cover up to 6 GHz. Patented RF interference rejection enables accurate, repeatable measurements in the presence of high-level RF activity.


• LMR Signal Analyzers with Coverage Mapping: P25, P25 Phase 2, DMR (MotoTRBO™), TETRA, NXDN, dPMR, PTC, NBFM
• Broadband Signal Analyzers: LTE, WiMAX
• Interference Analyzer with Interference Mapping and support for MA2700A Handheld InterferenceHunter
• Spectrum Analyzer: 9 kHz – 1.6 GHz, optional to 6 GHz
• Cable and Antenna Analyzer: 500 kHz – 1.6 GHz, optional to 6 GHz
• Return Loss, VSWR, Insertion Loss, S11 / S21, DTF
• Internal Power Meter, optional External Power Sensor
• Handheld, battery-operated design
• Weighs less than 7.6 lbs. (including battery)
• Rugged, field-proven design using Anritsu’s 9th generation hardware platform
• Daylight viewable color touchscreen display
• Superior Immunity to RF interference
• Remote control via Ethernet
• Standard three-year warranty (battery one-year warranty