The SFGT has been founded in 2005 in United Emirates with the aim of trading in respect of importing and exporting. Our activities and specialties mostly have, indeed, been in fields such as Oil and Gas, Telecommunications, Laser, testing and measuring aviation and navigation equipment, and software.

Based on true strategies designed by our experts, and based on decent knowledge our company has been able to run successful projects with some big companies in Arab Gulf countries like Bahrain, Oman, and in Middle East Countries such as Turkey, Armenia, and Turkmenistan.

SFGT has always been growing and has been able to expand its business activities so that besides trading projects has involved itself in investment as well. In this regard has cooperated with many giant and famous companies across the world. The company has also defined and possessed fundamental plans in order to fulfill upcoming aims.

Through our extensive inventory and numerous contacts in the Aerospace, Telecommunications, Navigation, Aviation and Defense Industries we are able to provide our customers with the best and possible round the clock support. Our procurement team sources are vast and we can provide items at competitive pricing with prompt delivery.