The Cornerstone 260 is a high performance, economical and user-friendly monochromator – an ideal instrument for research and OEM applications. The instrument is fully calibrated and includes diffraction gratings and a built-in shutter. It is designed to be fully compatible with Oriel Filter Wheel model USFW-100 and the APEX2 Illuminator, where up to six order-sorting filters may be installed.
LabVIEW™ based utility software is included to control both the monochromator and filter wheel. In addition to the utility software, the Cornerstone 260 may be controlled using Oriel’s TracQ™ Basic software or optional hand controller. An easy-to-understand command set is provided in the user’s manual for those wanting to create their own programs.

The Cornerstone 260 uses an asymmetrical in-plane Czerny-Turner optical configuration. The optical configuration is designed to ensure high resolution and maximum throughput. This F/3.9 monochromator is optimized to provide excellent stray light rejection while minimizing aberrations. Its wavelength drive is designed to increase speed as much as possible without sacrificing accuracy or precision. Mounting plates and kits are available to conveniently fasten the monochromator to an optical table, and to couple with Oriel’s popular Research Lamp Housings and APEX2 light sources. Threaded holes on the mounting surface also allow rod mounting of the Cornerstone 260.
Part Number 27-20-081 can be offered as a replacement power supply for this model. Power cord sold separately based on geographic location


Blaze Wavelength : 500 nm, 1000 nm, 2000 nm
Focal Length : 260 mm
Number of Ports : 2
Slits : Fixed Slit Holders
Wavelength Range : 300-2500 nm
Weight : 9.5 kg
Wavelength Accuracy : 0.35 nm
Wavelength Precision : 0.08 nm
Wavelength Selection Method : Motorized