PMKIT-06-01 power meter Kit

Newport’s industry renowned optical power meters and detectors are available as low cost bundles, simplifying product selection and order process. The kits are especially useful for those who are new to optical measurements and who need simple measurement tools. Save big when purchased as a kit.

Model PMKIT-06-01 can measure optical power levels in the 400 – 1100 nm wavelength range. The kit includes the following components:
• Model 843-R optical power meter
• Model 818-SL/DB Silicon photodiode detector
• Post and post holder

For specifications, refer to individual product web pages. Please refer to our Optical Power Meter Selection Guide and Calibrated Detector Selection Guide to review the complete Newport offering.


Detector Model : 818-SL/DB
Power Meter Model : 843-R
Spectral Range : 400 to 1100 nm
Maximum Measurable Power : 2 W
Minimum Detectable Power : 100 pW
Sampling Rate : 20 Hz
Accuracy : ±0.25 % (Full Scale) ± 20 pA
Maximum Power Density : 30 W/cm2
Power Range : 100 pW – 2 W