The heart of these energy detectors is a fast response pyroelectric material. It acts as a source of electrical current when subjected to changes in temperature provided by the absorber. With light-absorbing material on the front of the pyroelectric device and a heatsink in the back, variations in temperature, such as those created by an incoming pulse of light, are converted in a voltage pulse that rises quickly to a level proportional to the laser energy.
For the most demanding laser beams, we offer the broadband MB coating which has pulse energy density thresholds that are among the best in the world. The Gentec-EO QE series are based on this technology. We offer a vast selection of QE detectors with various dimensions, cooling modules, and absorbers to meet your specific laser measurement needs.


Spectral range : 0.3 – 2.1 μm
Typical rise time : 550 µs
Repeatability : <0.5%
Maximum repetition frequency : 300 Hz
Typical energy sensitivity : 60 V/J
Maximum measurable energy : 3.9 J
Noise equivalent energy : 1.4 μJ
Maximum pulse width : 400 μs
Energy calibration uncertainty : ±3 %