Thorlabs offers polarization optics and polarization instruments. Polarization optics change the state of polarization of incident radiation, whereas polarization instruments control and measure the polarization state. Thorlabs’ polarization optics operate over the UV, visible, or IR spectral ranges and include polarizers, wave plates / retarders, quartz-wedge depolarizers, liquid crystal polymer depolarizers, and vortex retarders. Our polarization instruments include fiber polarization management, polarimeters, and liquid crystal devices. Solutions are available for both free space and fiber optic polarization applications.


Design Wavelength : 780 nm
Transmission at Design Wavelength : ≥97%
AR Coating Range : 650 – 1050 nm
Average Reflectance : <0.5%
Angle of Incidencec : ±20°
Material : Liquid Crystal Polymer Between N-BK7 Glass Plates
Retardance : λ/2
Outer Diameter 25.4 ± 0.2 mm (1.00″ ± 0.008″)
Clear Aperture : Ø21.5 mm (Ø0.85″)
Housing Thickness : 3.4 mm (0.13″)
Surface Quality : 60-40 Scratch-Dig
Operating Temperature Range : -20 to 60 °C