These APT Stepper Motor Controllers are the next generation of enhanced controllers using the familiar APT User interface. Many new features are provided, including a choice between trapezoidal and S-shaped velocity profiles, a higher theoretical microstep resolution (409,600 for a 200 full step motor), and speeds more than twice that achieved by their predecessors. Designed for use with our DRV series of actuators (DRV208, DRV013, DRV014, and legacy DRV001), these one-, two- and three-channel 50 W stepper motor controllers are capable of driving high-power, 2-phase bi-polar stepper motors, with or without encoder feedback. They have been designed to drive the higher power, stepper-motor-equipped nanopositioning actuators and stages offered by Thorlabs (e.g., LNR50S and NRT150). Alternatively, generic two-phase, bi-polar motors of varying step sizes can also be driven; see the Specs tab for compatible motor information. Cables for connecting the DRV series actuator to the controller are shipped with the actuators, however replacement cables are available: the 1 m long PAA612 and the 3 m long PAA613. Please note that these controllers are not suitable for use with our ZST or ZFS series of stepper motors.
USB connectivity provides easy plug-and-play PC operation. Multiple units can be connected to a single PC via standard USB hub technology for multi-axis motion control applications. Coupling this with the very user friendly APT software allows the user to very quickly get up and running with reasonably complex move sequences in a short period of time. For example, all relevant operating parameters are set automatically for Thorlabs’ stage/actuator products. Advanced custom motion control applications and sequences are also possible using the extensive ActiveX® programming environment described in more detail on the Motion Control Software and APT Tutorials tabs.
Additionally, these APT controllers support Thorlabs’ 2-axis joystick console. This joystick console provides intuitive, tactile, manual positioning along with two-axis control. In most applications, the default parameter settings saved within the controller allow the joystick to be used out-of-the-box, with no need for further setup, thereby negating the requirement to be connected to a host PC and allowing true remote operation. However, depending on the actuator being driven, some software setting adjustment may be required. All cables are supplied. Please note this joystick is not compatible with former generation BSC10x series controllers.


Motor Drive Connector : 2-Phase Bipolar Motor Drive Output
Differential Quadrature Encoder (QEP) Input
Forward, Reverse Limit Switch Inputs
Encoder 5 V (with Ground)

Control IO Connector : Jog Forward/Back Input (TTL)
User Logic Input/Output (TTL)
Single-Ended Analog Input (0 – 10 V)
User 5 V (with Ground) 100 mA Max
Trigger Input/Output (TTL)

Microsteps per Full Step : 2048
For 200 Step Motor : 409,600 Microsteps/Rev
Motor Drive Voltage : 48 V
Motor Drive Power : Up to 50 W (Peak) / 25 W (Average)
Encoder Feedback Bandwidth : 500 KHz (500,000 Counts/s)
Power : 100 W (Peak)
Voltage : 85-264 VAC
Housing Dimensions (W x D x H ) : 152 mm x 244 mm x 104 mm (6″ x 9.6″ x 4.1″)
Weight : 3.18 kg (7 lbs)
Step Angle Range : 20° to 1.8°