The APT™ MMR601 19″ Rack System is a multi-channel multi function modular architecture designed specifically for high axis count motion control applications. This new system is a sophisticated, self-contained, extendable-architecture, precision motion control platform. As a modular system it is possible to load it with the exact number and mix of required control modules covering motor drives (MST), piezo drives (MPZ) and the powerful Thorlabs NanoTrak™ autoalignment technology (MNA). It deploys the same advanced high speed digital signal processing (DSP) technology and low noise analog circuitry pioneered in the equivalent APT™ bench top controllers. The modular rack is available with a cover (MMR602) for benchtop use, or without a cover (MMR601) for mounting in a standard 19″ cabinet, and provides a highly functional 12 channel platform within the ‘footprint’ of a 4U high, 19″ wide enclosure.
USB connectivity provides easy plug and play PC operation. Coupling this with the very user friendly APT software allows the user to very quickly get up and running with reasonably complex move sequences in a short period of time. For example, all relevant operating parameters are set automatically for Thorlabs stage and actuator products. Advanced custom motion control applications and sequences are also possible using the extensive ActiveX® programming environment described in more detail on the Motion Control Software and APT Tutorials tabs. As a member of the APT family of motion controllers and by virtue of the highly flexible APT system software it is perfectly feasible to combine operation of this rack system with any of the APT bench top controllers and control everything from the same unified software interface – allowing a common learning curve for both bench top and rack based solutions.


Enclosure : Standard 19″ Rack, 4U High
Module Bays : 6 Modular Slots, Back Panel Access
Communications : USB 1.1 Interface
Voltage : 85-264 VAC
Frequency : 47-63 Hz
Power : 800 W
Fuse : 15 A
Dimensions (W x D x H) : 480 x 448 x 183 mm (19.0″ X 17.6″ X 7.0″)
Weight : 16 kg (35.2 lbs)